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Brian Schott

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This journal you are holding is made possible by these good people who have helped us publish new and emerging authors and artists alongside some of the best in the nation. Tax-deductible donations go directly to the publishing costs of the journal, as well as to support local literary events.

Thank you for helping us move mountains.

Whitefish Review Editors

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Scott Dreher, Cristina & Steve Eisenberg, AGL Foundation

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Broussard Charitable Foundation

Visionary Supporters:
Sam & Julie Baldridge, Dick & Sandra Boyce, Woody & Betsy Cox/Good Medicine Lodge, Michael & Barbara Jenson, Kramer Family Fund of Whitefish Community Foundation, Humanities Montana, The Lodge at Whitefish Lake, Montana Arts Council, Perk Perkins-Perkins Charitable Fund, Tom & Teresa Quinn Fund of the Whitefish Community Foundation, James H. Roache Trust-In Memory of Anthony J. Route, Michael FitzGerald/Submittable.com, Jed Steele, The Whitefish Community Foundation's Community Grant Fund.

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Roger Barber & Mary Vanbuskirk, John and Anne Collins, Greta Friel, Dick and Cheryl Gordon, Mark and Hilary Haefele, Paul & Eddie's, Amy Schott and Martin Weiderman, Min Shafer/ Valley Earthscapes

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Chris Anderson & Amy Kiley, James Clarke, Craig & Pattie Apregan, Summerfield Baldridge, Jason Barnes, Bayne Family Fund at WCF, Diane Conradi, Matt and Corrie Holloway, John and Barbara Schott, David Stephens /Whitefish Lake Services, Konrad and Kristen Binder, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Adora & Dan Fulkerson, Doug and Nan Reed, Lisa Jones and Mike McClellan, Karen Woodward

River Sponsors:
Rebecca Briber, Scot Blair, Dorothy Burris, Mary Dorman, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Five Star Rentals of Montana, Phyllis Franklin, Robert Friel, Alan Elm, Jeff Giles, Barbara Hartigan, Fred and Sarah Jones, Emily Lorentzen, John Muhlfeld and Stephanie Sunshine, Christina and Billy O'Donnel/ RIDGE Mountain Academy, Michael and Pam Powers, The Cuisine Machine, Brett Thuma, Michael & Michele Mullen, Sarah Pohl-In Memory of John Pohl, Elizabeth Kavanagh, Debbie & Steve Anderson, Meliss & Charles Clark, Asta Bowen, Patricia & Roger Moore, Christen Powers, Heidi Knippa, Will and Leslie Hunt

Rock Sponsors:
Rita Braun, Kim & Justin Brubaker, Meliss B Clark, Sarah and Dave Ericson, Lael and Darrell Gray, Grace R. Griffiths, Tom Haines, Tyler Lewis, Precious McKenzie, Crissie McMullan, Chérie Newman, Rick and Bish Robbins, Peter Serchuk, Eirlys Vanderhoff, Dick Dorworth, Robert Akey, Greg & Angie Burger, Cassandra Dreher, Brigid Fray, Linda and David Grady, Paula Greenstein, Heather Hansman, Kimberly Hurtle, Kandahar, The Lodge at Big Mountain, John & Kathi Hartlieb, Tricia Knoll, Stephen Kosnar, David and Michelle Noftsinger, Howie Nordstrom, Bink Owen, Erick & Jen Robbins, Shirley Rorvik, Mark Schott & Elna Goron, Loren Taylor, Monda Van Hollebeke, Kathleen Yale, Adam & Jenny Blue, Tammie Lee, Michelle & Peter Edland/ The Walking Man Frame Shop

Great Northern Sponsors:
Francine Roston, Nancy Boutilier, Allison Linville, Michelle Luff, Ron McFarland, Keith Moul, George Northrup, Benjamin Polley, Rob Akey, Ernest Hebert, Bryan Anderson, Jen Dolan, Brendan Friel, Mary Friel, Laurel Grady, Tony & Kristi Veseth, Dan Virkstis, Amy & Tom Kennedy, Carol & Michael Ward, Chris Miller, Kevin Arnold, Christi Stanwood

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